Transnet Global Logistics provides first class courier and logistics services international.

With an unwavering eye toward operational effectiveness and cost efficiency, we work to achieve real-time solutions to challenging distribution logistic situations. Transnet Global Logistics's primary delivery territory is around the gloabe which we accomplish through our interconnected last mile facility network.

Services we provide

Transnet Global Logistics's comprehensive range of services gives unbeatable, flexible solutions for all your delivery needs in Europe and the rest of the world.Try us now!.

Our value-added services ensure the flow of goods continues seamlessly and supply chains stay lean and optimized for success. Our business holds top positions in automotive, technology, consumer goods, trade fair logistics, special transports, and special events logistics.

Our internal business unit connects the most important economic regions in more than 3rd European countries, with a network of about 12,000 regular scheduled services for general cargo per week.